Medical massage and Insurance

Corinne Nielsen is a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner and is able to bill some insurance companies for medical massage.  Workers comp. and auto accident will likely pay for medical massage with a doctors prescription. Some insurances companies may also pay for medical massage.

First you must contact your insurance and request a written letter stating that they will pay for medical massage by a massage therapist with a physician's prescription.

If your insurance will pay for medical massage, it will requires a physician's prescription that includes...….

  •  Massage therapy code 97124 ( can also include Heat/ Cold therapy- 97010 and Cupping therapy- 97016)
  • Diagnostic code- what your injuries/ problems are that will be worked on
  • How many massage sessions, how many times a week and length of massage session. 

After you have received a physician's prescription and a letter stating that massage will be covered, we can get started on your sessions.

*More information coming soon!